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CNG Container

CNG & Hydrogen


Newly developed state-of the-art technology

Ultra-light composite CNG & Hydrogen tank is developed with a new technology, the world-first liner employing high molecule nano technology. It acquired a number of patents from home and abroad.


Ultra-light composite CNG & Hydrogen tank (Type4 & Type3) is 50% lighter than the existing metal type (Type2). Thus it is capable of improving not only fuel efficiency of compressed natural gas vehicles but its driving performance as well.


Ultra-light composite CNG & Hydrogen tank can be used almost permanently for more than 15 years since no internal corrosion occurs during the repeated gas instillation and discharge processes by using a non-corrosive plastic liner


- With leak free nozzle, ultra-light composite CNG tank is safe from gas leakage in any environment.

- By using high-tech carbon fiber composite material of excellent heat and fatigue-resistant-properties, it boasts
  excellent safety with no performance deterioration at all in any circumstances.


Not only is it the lightest type among various composite high pressure tanks for automobile, it is very effective and economical. Due to the lowered tank weight, more passengers can ride on the vehicle as well as less fuel is used during driving.

Various cylinder sizes

Since ultra-light composite CNG tank (Type4) can easily change its size, it can be applied to any vehicle types.

Aluminum High Pressure Cylinder

Aluminum Cylinder

Medical, Scuba, Hoop-wrap composite Scuba, Industrial, Beverage, Fire extinguisher, Paint ball

Seamless and anticomosive aluminum high pressure cylinder is 40% lighter than existing steel type. It is widely used from medical respirators to gas storage cylinders for leisure, beverage and various industrial purposes. Medical